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GP2X Caanoo

On this page I have put together some details from various sources about the Caanoo's capabilities, and how it has changed from the Wiz.

GPH Caanoo Promotion

Pocket emulation has taken another step forward with the release of the Caanoo. I assume that GPH (Gamepark Holdings) experienced enough success with the Wiz, which is what enabled them to develop and release the Caanoo. As far as inner workings are concerned, I believe the hardware is about the same amount of power as the Wiz with more RAM (see comparison chart). Other differences lie in the interface and inherent design of the device. Also, please note that I DO NOT have a Caanoo. I still use my trusty old Wiz, and have a Pandora Handheld on pre-order. The three portable systems which I will be focusing on later this year will be the Pandora, Nintendo 3DS, and the Sony NGP (whenever that gets released).

Comparison Chart

I have compiled this chart based on what I feel are the most relevant specifications from their respective product pages over at ThinkGeek.

  Wiz Caanoo
Screen 2.8" QVGA OLED Touch Screen 3.5" QVGA OLED Touch Screen
RAM 64 MB 128 MB
Storage Built-In: 1 GB +
SD/SDHC Expansion Slot
Built-In: Removed (?) +
SD/SDHC Expansion Slot
Tactile None Built in accelerometer +
Vibration fuction
Size 121mm(w) x 61mm(h) x 18mm(d) 146mm(w) x 70mm(h) x 18.5mm(d)

The following specs are the same between both devices:

CPU: ARM9 533MHz (overclockable to 800MHz), H/W 3D Accelerator
USB: 2.0 High Speed
Connecting Port: 24Pin (Other port supported)
Battery: 2000mAh Lithium-ion Polymer
Charging System: AC Power / USBPort
Audio: Built-in Stereo Speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack
Video Formats Supported: MPEG4, Xvid, DivxAVI
Audio Formats Supported: OGG, WAV
Bit Rate: Image: Max 2500kbps, Sound: Max 384kbps

Below are some details taken from the manufacturer's product page:

Analog Joystick

The analog joystick has great features which allow you to play many types of games. It is controlled smoothly, comparable to the XBOX 360 and PS3. PSP has a flat analogue joystick and Nintendo DSL has a small D-Pad, which make those two devices difficult to play hardcore games. However, CAANOO is different. Once you get used to the analog joystick, you can play whatever games you want easily and with great fun, giving you enhanced control over your movements. There is nothing like this controller when you are playing any types of games. Just feel the game and enjoy playing tons of games just using your finger tips.

Tilt Controls

The Caanoo comes with a built-in accelerometer which can potentially enable arcade driving games such as Outrun to be controlled via tilt. Of course, this would require MAME to be updated to take advantage of this capability.

Dual Shock / Tactile Feedback

I am not sure if this technology currently works with any of the emulators. They would most likely have to be programmed to take advantage of this new technology. It is most likely available in the special games released specifically for the Caanoo.

WiFi Capabilities

Here is one feature which sounds promising, however an external dongle is required to take advantage of it. The concept of enjoying multi-player games wirelessly is not a new one, so it would be interesting to see how the Caanoo handles this.

TV-Out and Multiplayer

The product overview from the manufacturer states that a separate TV-Out cable is availble for the Caanoo, which is something which I definitely would have loved for the Wiz. Additionally, it is also reported that a separate controller (joypad) can be purchased which would allow a second player to basically hook into the Caanoo for head-to-head games.

Source: http://www.fungp.com/product/caanoo.asp

I hope that you found the above details to be helpful. As of writing this article in early 2011, the Caanoo is going for $149, whereas the Wiz was reduced to $99. In my opinion, if you already have a Wiz, it is not worth the upgrade UNLESS you really want the larger screen and nicer analog joystick. For newcomers, it should be a no-brainer that the Caanoo will provide a wonderful experience for handheld emulation.

I would love to hear from anybody out there who actually has the Caanoo to receive their feedback. A new forum for GP2X Caanoo Reviews was started, so it will be good to see what others have to say.

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