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Neo Geo emulation

Started on Wednesday 10/28/2009 11:31:41 AM by 1980winston

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Also dude, i can't get my Neo Geo emu to run for the life of me. Its one of the main reasons i got the wiz. Could you post some screen shots of how you have it set up etc or something!? Thanks!!

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1980winston Says:
Saturday 10/31/2009 9:35:24 AM

Just wanted to ask you about the neo geo emu. I'm using the GnGeo 0.7 emu from the wiz archive you provided the link for already. My problem is the bios. I have downloaded about 7 different neo geo bios files but which ever one i use when i launch the rage2x.gpe file i get four or five red lines saying
"./roms/000-lo.lo bios missing
/roms/uni-bios.rom bios missing
/roms/aes-bios.rom bios missing
/vs-bios.rom bios missing
usa 2slt.bin bios missing
/roms/asia-s3.rom bios missing
/roms/sp-s2.sp1 bios missing"
That may not be exact but that is roughly the idea, and can't go any further.This is despite the fact that the bios i am using appears to have those files in them. I don't know if the bios i am using are just rubbish or i'm doing something else wrong. I have tried putting them in various places with no joy. All the bios i have downloaded are from various searches on google etc. Did you get your bios in one single file from google? Is there any way you can link me to your bios download?
I've also managed to get the amiga emu working pretty well if you need any help with that will be more than willing to return the favour!

GP2XWiz Admin Says:
Thursday 10/29/2009 1:31:55 AM

You need the Neo Geo bios roms in order for the games to be playable. In MAME the file would be called neogeo.zip and goes in the ROMS folder. With GnGeo it appears that I selectively placed several of the Neo Geo bios files in the roms folder (NEO-GEO.ROM, ng-lo.rom, ng-sfix.rom, ng-sm1.rom) ...? So if you haven't then use Google to find the Neo Geo bios...

For Neo Geo emulation I use GnGeo and it worked perfectly for me the first time. Is that what you're using? Make sure that the emulators have a roms folder in their directory (create it if it doesn't exist). Then drop the rom .zip file(s) in there and it should work. With GnGeo it will show a bunch of game titles in red by default, and you have to scroll down the list to find the rom(s) that you placed in the roms folder. The available roms will be in green. You can press the Select button from the main menu to change the option to only show available roms. It makes the list much shorter if you don't have a ton of Neo Geo games there. I love the Samurai Shodown titles and it plays those and several of the Metal Slug ones really well! If you're still having trouble, please let me know exactly what is happening.

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