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GP2X Wiz Tutorials

I am compiling a number of articles about emulation on the GP2X Wiz. These articles will cover what I feel is important knowledge to get the most out of your Wiz. Much of what I learned was done through trial and error, so I hope to be able to shorten your learning curve dramatically.

New: My Wiz SD Card Contents For You! Due to popular demand I have compiled a .zip archive of the emulators, config files, and shortcuts which I have implemented on my Wiz SD card. For more details see the discussion thread HERE.

GP2X Wiz Emulators
As you probably know by now, the Wiz is capable of playing games from a number of classic consoles in addition to many arcade favorites. This includes Nintendo (NES, SNES), Sega (Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Mega-CD), Gameboy (Classic, Color, Advance), Neo Geo, Arcade (MAME, Capcom systems CPS-1 and CPS-2), Atari, Amiga, Turbografx-16 (PC Engine), and more. In this article I cover the basics of how to get an emulator running on the Wiz as well as my reviews and experience with a number of emulators out there.

Wiz Games Shortcuts
Many do not realize that there is a much faster way to access all of their emulators than by having to go through the Launcher. I have posted a video and an explanation about how to create shortcuts for the Wiz Games menu which will effectively allow you to jump directly into an emulator from an efficient list.

Before: (Launcher)
After: (Shortcuts)

To learn how to set up shortcuts for the Wiz Games menu please see the full article ...
If you would like to request any tutorials please Contact me or see the Forums.

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